Monday, May 17, 2010

Journeys - International Quilt Festival in Long Beach this Summer!

Quilts on the Wall: Fiber Artists selected Journey's as their theme for this year's International Quilt Festival in Long Beach. As the jurors we were taken on a journey through -- dreams, stories, fairy tales, personal journeys, the twists, turns and paths of life, and the mysteries of life that unfolded and inspired the quilts created by the members of Quilts On The Wall: Fiber Artists. The 18 quilts selected speak to the diversity of interpretations that one word can invoke and the creative talents of the members of QOTW. Jurors: Georgia Freedman-Harvey and Cindy Rinne.
Artists are: Carol Nilsen, Carolyn Villars, Carolyn Winfield, Cindi B. Lemkau, Deborah Stanley, Felisa Lyons, Julie Schlueter, jo griffith, Laura Bisagna, Madeleine Bajracharya, Marilyn Fromherz, Mia Bloom, Phyllis Binkley, Rose Hughes, Sherry Kleinman, Stacy Hurt, Suanne Summers, and Terry Waldron (Cut-Loose members)