About Us

Cut-Loose Quilters of Orange was founded in 2002, by Jamie Fingal and three artist friends that met in Girl Scouts.  Jamie and those members, Stacy Hurt, Cathy Norton and Julie Schlueter, collaborated on three separate projects, setting the tone for the future.

The group has grown and reduced over the years as people evolve and grow.  In 2007, our group was nine strong with Peggy Calvert, Joanell Connolly, Cindy Cooksey, Anne Copeland, Jamie Fingal, Vickie Valdez Green, Stacy Hurt,  Julie Schlueter and Terry Waldron.  We worked together on creating three large quilts for the Orange Main Library.  We also did a group project in 2008, making 2 group quilts for the special exhibit "Everything Under the Sun" that premiered at the International Quilt Festival in Long Beach.  This past summer we were part of a larger exhibit of art quilt at the Orange County Fair "Fiber Artistry" where we showed some of our work and mixed media round robin books.

Now, we're rounding out our 8th year.  We come together once a month to share creative work, gather ideas and inspiration, eat dinner together, talk, laugh, cry and support one another as friends and artists.  Members now include Peggy Calvert, Joanell Connolly, Cindy Cooksey, Anne Copeland,  Jamie Fingal, Vickie Valdez Green, and Stacy Hurt.